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Perfect Lite for Windows (10.3Mb)

Update History


P Category Lighting (1.8 Mb)

Update History


V Category Lighting  (3.2Mb)

Update History


IESNA to CIE/SAASTAN Conversion Software (1.1 Mb)

Update History

CIE/SAASTAN to IESNA Conversion Software (1.1 Mb)

Update History


Superseded Software (not supported)


User Manual - Perfect Lite (DOS Illuminance) - Main  (4.7 Mb)


                                                                          - Appendices  (600 Kb)


                                                                          - Figures  (1.8 Mb)


Update Notes - Version 4.89 (265 Kb)


Update Notes - Version 4.88 (39 Kb)


Update Notes - Version 4.87 (165 Kb)


Update Notes - Version 4.86 (164 Kb)


Update Notes - Version 4.85 (63 Kb)


User Manual - Upward Waste Light 1.06 (581 Kb



User Manual - Spacing Graph Generator 1.65 (289 Kb)



User Manual - SAASTAN - User Interface Shell 3.88b (682 Kb)



User Manual - Pedestrian Area Lighting 2.06 (193 Kb)

superseded by P Category


User Manual - Vehicular Traffic Lighting 4.10 (229 Kb)

superseded by V Category

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