How to transfer Perfect Lite for Windows
to a new computer

N.B.  The following process is based on the assumption you have the fairly latest version/s of the Perfect Lite for Windows software (PleW.exe) installed in the default folder, click here to check.  If you are still running the 'old' DOS PLE software (Ple.exe) then see the bottom of this page for additional steps to perform.

The various components of the latest Perfect Lite for Windows software are stored in the following folder (plus any below it in the folder structure):-

c:\Program File\Perfect Lite\

[ or   c:\Program File (x86)\Perfect Lite\    on a 64-bit operating system ]

(depending on how much of the software you have purchased as to how many folders you will find)

To transfer the Perfect Lite for Windows installation from an old  PC to a new PC is a fairly simple process.

Firstly, copy over the folder/s mentioned above onto the new PC.  Remember, if your old PC was 32-bit and new PC is 64-bit then copy into  c:\Program File (x86)\Perfect Lite\ folder.

Secondly, you need to re-install all the software on the new PC from the website links.  This will install the necessary system files into the Windows system folders and overwrite any older program files but NOT data files.

Carrying out this process will have the new PC setup much the same as the old one including i-tables, Luminaire Library, job files etc.


If you were still running the 'old' DOS PLE software on the old PC then you will need to perform the following additional steps.  N.B.  The 'old' DOS PLE software will not run on Windows 7 so these steps migrate all your Library & data files to the new Perfect Lite for Windows system on your new PC.

After copying over the folder/s mentioned in the top part of this page, copy over the folder c:\ple\ (plus any sub folders) into this exact same folder name on your new PC.  Then start Perfect Lite for Windows (from Start menu) & select Import PLE Data Files from the Tools menu and follow the steps.

Once you have confirmed the new installation is working correctly & Library files etc. are recognised then you can delete the c:\ple\ folder, if you wish, as it is no longer needed.

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