How to download a Demonstration version of the

V Category Lighting software

All the necessary files are contained in a self extracting archive file named VcatDemo.exe (4.2 Mb). This file needs to be downloaded to your computer and executed to extract the various compressed program and data files to enable the upgrade process to occur.

Please carry out the step by step instructions below (it may be useful to printout these instructions first so they will be easier to follow).  Please note that the screen snapshots below are from Windows XP Professional, if you have an earlier version of Windows then they may appear slightly different.

Step 1.  Click on the Download button below.

Step 2.  When the message box below appears click on the Run button to start the download process.

During the process you may receive a warning message, like that below, about the authenticity of the file.  The file has been scanned for viruses and is quite safe to Run.

Step 3.  When the message box below appears the download and extraction of files is complete.  The setup process will then automatically begin, respond to the subsequent prompts appropriately.

Step 4.  The V Category Lighting software can then be started by clicking on the Start button, selecting Programs, then Perfect Lite then V Category Lighting.  To take a comprehensive tour through the software carry out the instructions in the user guide (this can be downloaded by clicking here). This file is an Adobe Acrobat PDF document so you will need to view/print this out (approximately 54 pages including graphics) using the readily available Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Step 5.  Close this Page when completed.