CIE and/or IES I-table files won't load into any of the Perfect Lite suite of programs

To use any i-tables in Perfect Lite they must be properly formatted in either the CIE/SAASTAN or IESNA format.  While Perfect Lite does perform some validation of the files and report some errors, it will not check every permutation/combination.

Below is an example of the top part of properly formatted files (viewed with Notepad.exe):-


IESNA Format

Occasionally, mail servers remove some or all of the line feed/carriage return characters from these files & they look like the following (viewed with Notepad.exe):-


IESNA Format

For obvious reasons Perfect Lite (& other lighting software) cannot read or interpret these files!

In many cases, to fix these formatting problems simply open the files with WordPad.exe (or Word) & then save them again (as a "txt" file if using Word).

WordPad (or Word) generally puts these line feed/carriage return characters back in place.

These newly saved files should then look as they should when opened/viewed with Notepad.exe and then be accepted by Perfect Lite.


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